Had to wear facemask on the plane! It`s a hassle with the beard…
Better safe than sorry!
Bulldogs MC, the place we were living for the weekend. Very nice guys!
Looking forward to sauna and beer next time!
Thank you so much for the hospitality!
Cool gifts were given! To Aliens MC Helsinki from the Vantaa chapter.
Cool music both friday and saturday!
Had to use Google translate, to see what was on the burgers!
Samuel at Aliens MC had arranged bikes for us, so we could go on a ride out on saturday. He took us to a panhead meeting, an fucking awesome experience! I have never seen so many panheads in one place!
Thank you very much for the surprise Samuel!
We also got food at the panhead meting. Old fashioned pea soup, made in an old field kitchen.
Awesome, and very good!

As always, I should have taken more pictures. But that did not happen. I`m too much in to beer, having fun and drinking beer, so I forget!
Anyway, we had an awesome time! Thank you all in Aliens MC for the good time!

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